December 11, 2023

CamPaq Interview for Kidspot - Simplifying Family Camping Adventures with Smart Design

I was over the moon when Kidspot, Australia's top parenting website, reached out to interview me about CamPaq. Kidspot had many questions for me, such as what inspired me to create CamPaq and how I came up with the idea. This opportunity allowed me to share our passion for CamPaq bags and how they enhance camping experiences for families. In this blog post, I'll delve into the inspiration behind CamPaq, the challenges I faced in setting up the business, and the joys of being on the road, connecting with fellow adventurers.

The Birth of CamPaq

The idea for CamPaq sprouted from my personal camping experiences with my husband. Frustrated with disorganised duffle bags in our camper trailer, I visualised a solution to streamline the packing and accessing of clothes, shoes, and shower essentials. Traditional camping setups lack wardrobes, and my quest for a practical storage solution led to the creation of CamPaq bags.

Designed for Convenience

The struggle of rummaging through bags for clothes pushed me to innovate. I experimented with shopping bags and clear zip lock bags, separating clothes and allowing easy access and visibility of contents. The bags needed to be tough enough for the Aussie lifestyle—withstanding dirt, mud, and rough handling. The design aimed to simplify camping life for families, giving them more time for outdoor adventures and less time wasted on packing and unpacking.

Behind the Scenes of Starting CamPaq

Setting up the business was such a mammoth learning curve. Having run brick-and-mortar businesses before, we faced new challenges. From researching manufacturers to website setup, finding the right photographer, and navigating the intricacies of business registration, the journey was massive but worthwhile.

Marketing Struggles and Triumphs

After we launched Campaq at a Brisbane Caravan Show, reality set in big time – we had so much to do—marketing and advertising were crucial. Social media became a necessary evil – where it once used to be fun posts – we were now counting on social media bringing us business in the way of  likes, followers and paying customers to the website.  The importance of online presence cannot be overstated, and my journey into this realm continues.

In the beginning, I enlisted the help of some wonderful online female business coaches and mentors. These businesses, are run for women by women, and are an invaluable source of learning resources, motivation, encouragement and positivity.

Recommended Resources for Lady Startups

For fellow lady startups navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, I've compiled a list of invaluable resources:


Life on the Road

Campaq is not just a product; it's a lifestyle for me, my husband, our old border collie Bella. Transitioning from camper trailer holidays to a caravan, we now travel Australia, exhibiting at Caravan Shows meeting customers, enjoying their caravan and camping stories which inspire new designs. We get to enjoy seeing our beautiful country, waking up to a variety of different views, while also running a business.

In 2024 we will be incorporating Field Days and Music Festivals into our program, commencing with the Tamworth Country Music Festival @TCMF2024 in January. This Festival is going to be huge and we are very excited to be there. Keep an eye on our website to see where else we will be in 2024!

Pack It Up

If you're seeking the perfect bag for your family's camping adventures, choose CamPaq for its innovative design that lets you Pack It. See It  and Find It! Our bags are crafted with a passion for simplifying your outdoor experiences, ensuring more time is spent enjoying the journey and less time searching for essentials. Here's to many more exciting adventures with CamPaq!